The Importance of Pension and Life’s Choices

The Importance of Pension and Life’s Choices

by admin

They say that ‘life is all about choices’. Truly, no matter how I discuss, negotiate, or blabber here, the decision will be yours at the end of the day. Your choices could make you that old fisherman or that young man. You may ignore the idea of getting a pension, or you may do get one . But then, why not try applying for a pension since most of pension offers today allow very low contributions and they don’t withhold penalties for payment breaks? Save for the future while the times are still right, and while you can still do so.

Balance is very important, especially when we work. We work to improve our social and economic status, our relationship with others, and especially our selves. When we work, we take out so much from us, so then, it is also proper to take back what we gave out in that process—not just to take back, but to store what we take back to provide for difficult times.

So here comes the value of pension. In the first place, why do we have to get one? Simple! Because at any point of our lives, we would have to be independent and alone. Our parents will eventually die, our sons and daughters would have their own lives, and we don’t want to be a burden to any one, do we? Most importantly, we don’t want to be pathetic when ‘those times’ come, right? With sentiments of this kind, a personal pension would serve us best.

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