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Frequently asked Questions

These are just some of the most common questions we get asked. For anything else, please contact us – we would be delighted to help.

Is it easy to set up a no obligation meeting?

It’s very easy to set up a no obligation meeting with pension solutions. We can meet you in the comfort of your own home or wherever you prefer.

Pension questions we can help answer

  • When can I start taking money from my pension?
  • How much tax will I pay on withdrawals?
  • Do the new pension rules affect me if I’m not retiring yet?
  • How do I pass my pension on to my children?
  • Should I move my savings and investments?
  • Can I take my pension money and continue working?

Whether you are already enjoying retirement, plan to retire soon, still have some way to go, or are simply looking at different investment options pension solutions can help.

We can review your finances, help you understand the choices you have and advise on the options available for your personal circumstances.

With more freedom to do what you want with your money, now is a great time to benefit from these new opportunities.

Can I get a guaranteed income for life?

Yes you can. An annuity provides a fixed sum of money paid to someone each year, typically for the rest of their life.

What is pension drawdown?

Pension drawdown is a way of using your pension pot to provide you with a regular retirement income by reinvesting it in funds specifically designed and managed for this purpose. The income you get will vary depending on the fund’s performance. It isn’t guaranteed for life.

Should I transfer my final salary pension?

If you have a final salary pension, should you transfer it? In many cases it’s a bad idea, but there are times when it may make sense.

If you are thinking about transferring a final salary pension, you need to take advice from a financial adviser unless the pension is worth less than £30,000.

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